Kits >> Timebomb - gradient 3-pack

Spontaneously dyed, non-repeatable 3 skein gradient kits. Only $51 each!


Spinning fiber >> Combed top

Merino, Superwash merino, & Falkland wool


Kits >> Stay Out of the Forest

2 new colors, and the return of 'Elvis, Want a Cookie?' by popular demand


Yarn >> Timebomb - fingering

3 new colors (full size skeins, this time! not mini's), $17 each




I am super excited to unveil two new product lines: Bomb Dinkies DK weight minis (20 gram skeins featuring the Bomb Diggity DK base), and Minisaurus worsted weight minis (20 gram skeins featuring the Merinosaurus worsted base)!

Also one thing to note - I bumped the size of the large gradient packs from 20 up to 25. That way they will work for patterns calling for yarn advent calendars, which often contain 24 colors. And the 25-pack gradients are circular, meaning you can choose any color within the kit to be your starting point.

Minisaurus worsted 25-packs


Minisaurus worsted 5-packs


Bomb Dinkies 5-pack


There are also a couple new Timebomblets fingering weight 25-packs