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yarn >> nom - fingering

2 new colors of Nom, inspired by my favorite Brooklyn 99 character, Raymond Holt: You Grackle (left) and Go Razzmatazz (right)


yarn >> merinosaurus sport

Fan favorite Plum Conundrum is back in stock!




Mini skeins >> Tweeditos 25-pack
Introducing Tweeditos! Fingering weight mini skeins with tweed flecks.


Mini skeins >> Bomb Dinkies DK 10-packs


Mini skeins >> Bomb Dinkies DK 5-packs


Mini skeins >> Timebomblets 10-pack


Yarn >> Timebomb


Yarn >> the return of the Blue Ice colorway on Chonk and Nom


Goodies >> Keychains


Goodies >> Bags